Tomb Raider – Does It Deserve The Awards?

A new chapter has opened in the Tomb Raider franchise, and anyone would find it difficult to argue that there’s a game which has had a bigger build up, after all, its not every day a game comes along and snaps up 44 E3 awards! But is the game worth the incredible hype levels? Continue reading


Assassin’s Creed III – A Gaming Revolution?

If I said to you what do Native Americans look like, you’d more than likely describe pretty much every stereotype created in films over the past 30 years or so, including Disney favourite Pocahontas. There is, however, a new look on the scene. Assassin’s Creed has decided to land right in the center of the American Revolution, with a new relative to Desmond called Connor Kenway, bringing the famous white robe to colonial America, and taking his orders from none other than General George Washington himself. Continue reading

Shifting World

There’s two things I thought when I first played this game; how much I loved that the game was a nice break from the multicoloured levels of Mario & Sonic games, with its simplistic black and white visuals, and how brilliant an idea it was to make a game that looks like you can walk around levels which have been poorly constructed levels on Tetris. Continue reading

Lego Batman 2 – DC Super Heroes

As with all 3DS games, there’s very little in the way of maneuverability  otherwise you end up with the worst graphics in the world. So this one is definitely in keeping with the trend.
The home screen has a nice simple and understandable layout with a great orchestral soundtrack, which really does sound like it’s meant to be part of the game. The graphics and sound effects as you scroll through the various options are really cool, with a computer screen style layout and matching beeps and swooshes.

Continue reading

Wonderbook: Sony Sends You To Hogwarts

If back in 1997, when Hogwarts first became the new setting for every game played inside an upside down cardboard box, it was said that you’d be able to wave a wand and cast fire across the living room, it would have sounded like it was straight from a child’s imagination. Kids would have gone more hyper than… well, a kid on blue Smarties! Continue reading

Dead Island

A lovely, relaxing, Caribbean looking island, with golden beaches and clear blue waters. Sounds like the perfect holiday doesn’t it? In fact, most people would probably be more than happy to live there permanently.

But if it’s anything like in Dead Island… Well, it can keep its idyllic setting to itself. Continue reading